Should a Dog Groomer Join the Chamber of Commerce

Should a dog groomer join the Chamber of Commerce- (1)If you asked me what the toughest part of starting a business is…

I couldn’t answer you.  That’s too tough a question.  There’s too much to think about, too much to do, that if you start thinking about it, you might never go for it.

But it’s worth it.  I love working with the dogs and the owners.  I like my neighbors and my neighborhood.  It isn’t always easy being the owner, but I’m making it.

A big help has been the support I’ve gotten through the Canton Chamber of Commerce.  I know of a lot of small businesses probably wouldn’t bother joining their local chambers right away.  It’s one of those expenses that maybe we think we can put off till later.  But I’ve gotten a lot from the meetings I’ve gone to.  I know I could get advice if I needed from the other small business owners I’ve met.

Should a Dog Groomer Join the Chamber of Commerce?

As a dog groomer, my business is going to come from within fifteen miles of my shop.  That’s hard to market on the Internet without a lot of analytics and research.  Is the Internet the best way to advertise a local business like mine?  The best I can say is that we’re learning.  There may be other ways that are more effective.  We’re working on partnerships in the community.  How do we find those?  The Chamber of Commerce is one very good way to do that.

I think my business and I are like the dogs who come to me for the first time, the ones who are game for it, but aren’t really sure what’s going on.  They have to investigate and check everything out before they’ll stand still long enough for me to shampoo them.  (I’ve learned to let them get it out of their system before I get them into the shower!)  But once they’re comfortable, we can get things done and have a happy, clean dog.  We’re exploring the business world, one day at a time.  We’ve made a few mistakes and we’ve done a couple of things very well.

Now that we’re looking at our second year in business, I’m ready to start using the resources that the Canton Chamber of Commerce is offering.  I’m glad to know I’ve got them to help me in the future.


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