Your First Grooming Visit: What should you know?

First visit to the groomerAre you considering your new dog’s first trip to the groomers?

That’s always an interesting experience for the dog and the owner.  Owners don’t always know what to expect, especially when it’s their first time.

It’s important that I know if they want a close cut or to leave the dog’s hair longer.  We want your pooch to look stunning – the way that you want.  If you have any particular concerns, this is the time to bring them up.  I’m not a vet, but I know a thing or two – especially when I’m sure your dog needs professional medical attention.  If your dog has an eye, ear, or skin problem, I will strongly encourage you to follow up soon.

How Long Is the First Visit Going To Take?

Everyone wants to know how long this is going to take.  I’d love to have an exact answer for them, but it’s really up to the dog.  I can’t predict how long it’s going to take for your dog to become comfortable in the salon.  I’m going to let him have some time on the floor, sniffing around.  My dogs might be there, there may be others there too.  I need all dogs to be relaxed and comfortable in order to care for them.  A nervous dog is going to take longer to settle – I won’t rush it!

We start in the bath.  Some dogs take to the water without any problems at all.  Others – not so much.  I’ll take it very slow with those dogs, and talk to them, gently helping them to adjust.  I wouldn’t want someone rushing my dogs through their baths if they were scared, so I’m doing the same with yours.  Most dogs learn to like it.  The massage and getting clean helps them feel good.  I’ve found a great product line called Bio-Groom that I love to use on the dogs.  The product line has different formulas for different dog coats but all of them are loaded with vitamins and omega oils for healthy coats and lanolin to make their hair and skin smooth and soft.

Once I get a dog up on the table, the clipping can be as fast as the dog allows.  On the first visit, when my guests might be a little nervous, it’s best for everyone if we can take a few breaks.  I’ll let a dog down to wander around a bit – stretch their legs, sniff around.  We’re not in a big hurry at Darla’s Paw Prints – we’re here as long as it takes for your dog to be groomed well and treated like royalty!

Treats and Toys

One thing I do ask – don’t bring in any doggie toys for your dog.  I can’t even imagine the trouble that could cause if two dogs wanted the same toy!  I’ll be giving your dog some treats to help them learn to like me and the “spaw” treatment – we won’t need anything else.

I Love Your Scarf!

If you go look at my Facebook page or my Twitter account, you’ll see all my guests walk away with unique scarves.  I don’t buy those off a shelf or from a catalog.  I pick the fabrics out myself and have a local business make them up for me.  You won’t find another dog wearing the same thing your dog does – unless they’re also one of my guests!

How long is it going to take?  As long as it needs to.

Maintaining the Look at Home

Plenty of my customers like to bathe their dogs at home between visits.  That’s a good thing for the dog and for me.  A well-kept animal is much easier for me to groom.  I do carry Bio-Groom products in my shop for those who want to wash their dogs down.  Ask me which product is best for your dog’s coat!

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