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Services & Info 

We are a full service Grooming Salon. Prices subject to change. These are starting prices. Price will be determined upon arrival- depends on the breed/hair length. 

Full Grooming
(includes Basic Plus Hair Trim)

Small Dogs (Less than 30 lbs)      $50

Medium Dogs (30-45 lbs)           $60

Large Dogs (45-75 lbs)                 $70
Price quote for dogs over 75 lbs.

Please Note: There is an additional $10 fee for Bernese Mountain, Chows, Doodles, German Shepherds, Mastiffs, Poodles, Pyrenees, Rottweilers, St. Bernards, & Yorkies.

Basic Grooming
(Includes Bath, Dry, Brush, & Nails Clipped)

Small Dogs (Less than 30 lbs)      $35

Medium Dogs (30-45 lbs)           $45

Large Dogs (45-75 lbs)                 $55

Price quote for dogs over 75 lbs.

More Grooming Services
Nails Clipped                              $15
Nails Filed                                   $15  Or  $12 Add On
Nails Painted                               $10  Or  $10 Add On
Paw Pads Trimmed (Included In Full)  $15  Or  $10 Add On
Teeth Brushed                             $14    Or  $14 Add On
Anal Glands Expressed              $20  Or  $15 Add On
Feet, Face, & Fanny (No Bath)            $25
Mat & Undercoat Shaved             -         $25 Add On
Mats Brushed Out (Max of 60 Min)      $15 (Per 15 Min)                    

More Bath Services
Medicated (NEEM or Mud)                 -          $15 Add On
De-shed                                      -          $18 Add On
Oatmeal                                      -          $13
 Add On
Hypo or Hip & Joint                   -          $10 Add On
Scented Bath                              -          $8 Add On
Flea or Skunk Bath                     -          $15 Add On
The Grooming Process 
Having your pet groomed regularly is important to your dogs health as it helps remove dirt and dead hair and prevents matting.  The grooming process at Darla’s Paw Prints is designed for best results.​

Drop Off You Pet

It starts with a friendly greeting and get-to-know you.


Step 2

Then we brush out any matts and clean the ears.


Step 3

Next, we carefully trim the nails and the hair around the paws.


Step 4

Now it's time for a warm bath.


Step 5

We thoroughly wash with premium shampoos.


Step 6

Once washed, it's time to get dried and brushed.


Step 7

Then a light stylized trim around the face and legs.


Ready for Pick Up

Finally, the finishing touches are added – looking good!

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