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Adorable Holiday Traditions with your Pet

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

The new year is almost here. How has 2020 treated you? Are you looking forward to the new year? Maybe this year has been a bit different for you, especially with social distancing and gatherings being limited. We hope you know how much your pet looks to you and loves you no matter what kind of year you had. Here are a few fun/adorable Holiday Traditions and ideas you can do with your pet

Yearly Photos with Santa

Okay, seriously, what's not cuter than a pictures of your little guy or girl with Santa? Each year you'll be able to capture their reaction and growth. Who said Santa was for just kids anyways

Pet Sweater/Costume

Create/order a fun pet sweater for your pet online, or a costume. They have many different colored Pet Sweaters and Vests available on Amazon & Bed Bath & Beyond. Not only are costumes fun during Halloween, how cute would it be to dress your pet like a reindeer, snowman or elf for the holidays and post on social media. You can even create an outfit of your own to go hand and in, and wear your outfits as you go see Santa. How cute!?

Watch Christmas Movies Together

I don't know about you, but does your pet go wild when they see or hear anther dog on TV? On a snowy day- what sounds better than to cuddle up with your fur kid and watch some cute Christmas movies? Here are a few ideas of "pup friendly" Christmas Movies:

  • The Grinch

  • The Nightmare before Christmas

  • Arthur Christmas

  • Santa Paws 1 & 2

  • The Dog who Saved Christmas Vacation

  • One Christmas Eve

Bake Holiday Treats & Ornaments

Just like baking Holiday Cookies, you can also bake some Holiday treats for your pet and their pet friends. Holiday Ornaments are always a great gift to human friends and family and makes it extra special when you add your pets personalized Paw Print to it. Here is a great "pet friendly recipe"

Click here for the Peanut Butter Treats Recipe

Click here for the Pet Safe Ornament Recipe

Volunteer or Donate with your Pet:

Take your home made treats and drop them off at your local dog park to hand out, or drop them off at the area Rescue's and Shelters. Its such a good way to giveback during this time of year, and you can create fun little gift bags too. They have clear baggies at the Dollar tree, and you can buy some ribbon their too. Another idea of giving, is donating to your local dog park on behalf of your pet. This year is different and may limit your contact, but in the future, taking your pet to a local nursing home or hospital would be a great way to provide happiness and. therapy to those who may be alone during the holidays, while giving your pet a little extra lovin'

Other ideas: create a yearly donation drive on behalf of your pet, and encourage your family and friends to donate items needed from a local shelter or rescue.

Treat your Pet to a Special Dinner

Each year mix a healthy serving of canned dog food with your pets dry dog food, so they can enjoy a holiday safe meal with you too. When you treat your pet to dinner, you can sit and eat yours so you both bond over such a special moment. Your pet will love being spoiled a little extra and look forward to it again!


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