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Why De-shedding Is Important To Your Dog's Health

Booking regular grooming appointments for your dog does more for your four-legged friend than just keep them looking pretty. Darla’s Paw Prints offers various grooming services, including baths, nail clippings, de-shedding, and flea or skunk baths.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, grooming is just as important as bringing your pet in for regular checkups.

What Is De-shedding?

A dog’s hair grows in cycles, and shedding is a normal part of the life cycle for each hair. While all dogs shed to some degree, some breeds are more prone to shedding than others, such as Husky, Chow, Bernese Mountain, and German Shepherd.

Dogs have two main types of coats: topcoat (sometimes called guard hairs) and undercoat (sometimes referred to as down hair). The undercoat keeps your dog warm in the winter and cools in the summer. Not all dogs have both a top coat and an undercoat. Poodles, doodles, terries, and Maltese are also considered single-coat dogs.

While dogs shed year-round, seasonal shedding happens twice a year. Once when the weather becomes warmer and the undercoat falls out, and again when the weather cools and the topcoat falls out.

De-shedding is the removal of the dog’s loose undercoat hair. The de-shedding process helps the dog get rid of hair that will eventually end up on furniture and clothes. It also makes your dog more comfortable. The cost and time it takes to get your dog de-shed depends on the breed.

Routine grooming is essential for all dogs. At home, brushing or combing your dog regularly can help remove dead hairs. While this is beneficial to your pet, it is not the same as de-shedding.

How often your pet should visit the groomers depends on the breed. Make an appointment or contact Darla’s Paw Prints to learn more about your pet’s needs and how often they need grooming.

Benefits Of De-shedding

Darla’s Paw Prints strives to make the grooming experience stress-free for both owner and dog. The owner Darla and her team of women aim to keep your dog happy and healthy. At Darla's Paw Prints, your furbaby will be treated like family. This means not just making your pet looking and smelling good but checking for any issues that might be lingering below the furry surface.

Some health issues may be discovered before you know they exist, including cysts, bad skin conditions, and ear infections. Matted hair can quickly progress from mild skin irritation to an infected wound. Fleas and ticks can also easily be hidden by matted hair.

Grooming ensures your dog’s skin can breathe. It also keeps grease from building up in your pooch’s coat. Too much grease can block pores, which will lead to skin problems.

De-shedding will help eliminate or decrease the amount of pet dander shed along with your dog’s hair. Pet dander can cause flare-ups in allergies as it collects airborne allergens such as pollen, dust, and mold spores.

Here are five benefits of visiting a professional dog groomer:

  1. Regular grooming will help keep your pet’s coat shiny and healthy, leading to less shedding.

  2. Groomers do more than just hair — they also clean your pooch’s ears and teeth. Visiting a groomer frequently can help in the early detection of any issues with your dog’s skin, ears, or teeth.

  3. Nail trims keep the nails short and support healthy foot structure and posture, which reduces your dog’s risk of infection.

  4. Grooming helps to remove dirt and dead hair to prevent matting.

  5. Your pet will look and smell great.

Grooming is a responsibility all owners should take seriously to keep their pets clean and healthy. Contact us today to schedule your pooch's de-shedding appointment at 330-546-7099.

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