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Moving? Here are some Tips to help your pet adjust.

It's a great time to move and to some it can even be so exciting! We are seeing and hearing a lot of our friends, family and customers doing it and thought this could be a great topic to talk about. Did you know that your pets can get anxiety from such a drastic change in their environment? These stresses can make them sick, and not themselves. Here are some tips to help make the move more adjustable for your pet, and the transition more smooth.

Get your pet used to moving before you move

What we mean is as you are packing things away, its good to slowly do it so you pet in adjust little by little their environment changing. At first, its good to just gather some of the supplies you will be using to move and sit them in an area where your pet can stiff them and see them for a day or two, then gradually start putting things in boxes.

Keep your pets current routine

It's important as you are packing things up, to still be mindful of the time you spend with your pet. Taking them on walks like you usually do, car rides, or even just regular potty breaks is very important.

Introduce your pet to the new neighborhood

As moving day gets closer, you can even start taking them for a walk around your new neighborhood once a week. Even introduce yourself to your closest neighbors would be beneficial, especially if they have a fur friend too. Socializing your pet little by little so they get used to their new environment and surroundings is key.

Provide mental stimulation for your pet

Mental stimulation helps pets reduce any stress and anxiety that your pet may be going through but not showing. From chewing up furniture, cages, acting out, or just not being themselves. mental stimulation will help them choose appropriate behaviors instead of chewing up those things that they shouldn't. Some items to help with this is a Kong with a treat or peanut butter inside, a pet game where they have to find the treat or a tricky treat ball.

Physical Exercise to reduce stress

walks are important, but just like humans, more aerobic exercise will help their body's fight off any stress too. If you have an open yard, try playing fetch or throw a frisbee. If you don't have a lot of space, take your pet to the dog park- Here are some great ones-

Veteran's Park- North Canton

The Ruff Run- Canton

Canal Fulton Dog Park

Portage Lakes Dog Park- State Park entrance

Giving your pet a safe space

Creating a space for your pet is important from the beginning. Its an area of the house that your pet likes to go to when you aren't home. maybe its a spot in your bedroom with a blanket, or maybe its a cage. These spaces are something that should stay the same when you move, so be sure to include anything they are already used to being in that space such as toys, a blanket, dog bed. As you are unpacking in your new home, be sure to set up your pets safe area first, and their food and water bowls to start a positive routine.

We hope these tips were helpful for you as you are moving. Moving is very exciting, but can be very stressful, so don't forget to try to take care of yourself too. Keeping a regular routine, introducing the new neighborhood and providing physical and mental stimulation are all things that will surely help your pet adjust more smoothly!

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