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Already?  It’s been a year already?

Yes, it has.  And what a year!

We have had a great first year in business.  Starting out with a new business is always a risk.  There are always stories about people who open their doors and close again in just a few months.

Because of you, we’ve hit that first anniversary.

We would like to thank everyone who helped make it happen.  Our neighbors and friends who have been so supportive.  The customers who have trusted us with their dogs again and again.

Our promise to you is to keep up our customer service (have you seen our new grooming station? We’re pretty proud of it!) and to exceed your expectations.  We want your puppies not only to be pretty but to be happy and healthy.  We promise to have products available to help you feed your furry family healthy food.  We’ll continue to help the local animal agencies get their news out and share information about local pet shelters.

Canton is our home, too.  We want to see the best for our four-legged citizens.  If you see something that we can help with, would you let us know?

Stop by and wish us a Happy Anniversary!  Or visit our Facebook page to get all my latest favorite videos and pictures – did you see that darling one with the little girl singing You Are My Sunshine to her dog?  Go check it out on my Facebook page.

Anniversary Thoughts

Here’s to another year!  We’ve got plans on how we can serve you better.  I’ve been looking at some new products that may interest you, but nothing is going on my shelf until I’m confident it’s good for you and your pet.  We’ve got the new grooming station and we’re thinking about other services we can provide.  But mostly, we’re thinking about you, our customers.

What do you need?  What can we help you with?

Let us know – we want to help you!

- Darla

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