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Fun & Meaningful Gifts for Pet Owners

The Holidays are approaching and if you are like all of us here at Darla's Paw Prints, you really really love your pet; We believe our pets are like a member of our family and often like to think of creative ways to keep to involve them over the Holidays. Here are some ideas we want to share with you!

Ink Paw Print on Paper

This is such a simple and quick project. It creates such a nice keep sake or gift for you to enjoy or give to a family member. Buy a large ink pad at your local craft store and some card stock paper. Dip your pets paw into the ink and push it firm on the piece of card stock. Add the Pets name under neath and frame!

Schedule Professional Pet Photos

It's always nice to be able to capture memories and moments. If you are like us, we have so

many photos of our pets on our phones, but the quality you get from a professional photographer just doesn't compare. Pet Photos are such a good way to share on social media, add to your family Christmas cards, and it creates a lasting memory and special moment of you and your pet.

DIY Paw Print Ornaments

This is such an easy craft! You only need 3 ingredients, a rolling pin, cookie cutters, and your pet! You take 1 cup of salt, mix with 1 cup of flour in a mixing bowl. Then you slowly add 1 cup of water and stir until you get a dough like texture. Next, get a rolling pin, and roll out your dough. If you don't already have a ton of cookie cutters at hand, go buy a star or circle. before you cut out the cookie, take your pets paw and press firmly into the dough. Take your cookie cutter and cut around the paw print. Take a tooth pick and poke a hole at the top of the ornament (for the ribbon to hang at the end)

Put on a baking sheet and bake in the oven for 2-3 hours at 200 degrees.The low heat will help dry out the ornament so it doesn't fall apart.

Decorate it after it cools. add your ribbon, and wah-la!

If you don't feel like being crafty or are struggling to find the time, Go to your nearest craft store and look in their Holiday decoration/ornament isle. There are so many wonderful Kits out there for you to engrave your pet's paw prints into an ornament!

Create a Photo Book on Shutterfly!

Photo books are a popular way to share photos all in one spot. There is nothing that beats having a hard copy of a book to always look back on, to display on a coffee table or end table proudly. Shutterfly has easy templates for you to create a photo album of photos of your pet. You simply just upload your photos to Shutterfly and it will even arrange the photos for you.


How cute are these paintings from !? One of our team members just ordered one each for her doggies and we will be sure to share with you how they turnout and look!

How it works:

Pick your costume, upload a pet photo, and place your order. Their designers will do the rest!

They print on to glossy, high quality posters that really show off your customized pet portrait with a brilliant, vibrant finish.

Available in three sizes, our posters make great gifts and can be framed at home to give a really luxurious finish.

• Perfect for framing • Glossy, high quality poster paper • Backed by our Crown & Paw guarantee

We hope you have a wonderful Holiday and Happy New year! Stay tuned for the latest news and events by following us on our facebook page at

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