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Updated: Dec 8, 2019

I got a new customer a couple of weeks ago.  He brought his dog by and told me this story:

We went to one of the big box pet stores for grooming and it was terrible.  The groomer was so harsh to my dog – rough and not very kind.  It felt very rushed, just a horrible experience.  I couldn’t take my dog back there ever....

I went to my computer and typed in “dog groomer in my area” and Darla’s Paw Prints came up in Google.  I looked at all the reviews – not a bad one there.  One of them said,

Where your dog is treated like family! Nice clean shop with friendly service!

I realized that’s what I want – someone to treat my dog like family.  To love my dog as much as I do.  After that impersonal, unpleasant experience, I want better for my dog.

Darla’s is everything I could ever ask for.

I can’t tell you how touched I was by what this new customer said.

I take pride in treating every dog like my own.  I love all dogs!  It’s such a great thing for me that people trust me to take care their loved pets.  I can’t tell you how much fun it is to meet all your puppies and spend time with them.

What’s a Good Groomer? How Can I Tell?

A good groomer has been trained.  Why is this important?  Because different dogs have different grooming requirements.  A German shepherd and a poodle are a world apart – not just in size.  Both have specific needs because their furs are very different.  Training is critical to making a groomer prepared for different breeds and for different temperaments.  You want your dog to enjoy the grooming process, not be stressed by it.  Have you seen the pictures of the dogs I’ve just groomed?  Don’t they look happy?  That’s what I want to see with every one of my guests!

You’ll know a good groomer when you see a person who is happy to see your pet, pays attention to their ears and eyes before anything else.  The dog grooming spa will be clean and smell good – not like chemicals or… well, worse.  Ok, accidents happen, but you don’t want to have that smell hanging around.  Sometimes, a dog will come in after an encounter with a skunk and yes, that won’t be pretty.  But in general, you shouldn’t mind waiting in the shop while your dog is groomed.  The floor won’t be littered with debris from several dogs’ haircuts.  The groomer will be willing to answer your questions honestly.  I will admit when I don’t know anything, but I will get the right answer to any questions!

Bring your beloved pet and let us love them too!

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