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Updated: May 13, 2021

A clean dog is a healthy dog. Dog grooming involves the activity of promoting hygiene and physical condition of a dog, it revolves around improving your dog’s physical appearance and health. As the best friend of man, your pet deserves the best of treatment to boost it’s appearance.

For promoting the well being of a dog, grooming must be introduced to the dog at an early age to get your pet used to the process, and ensure a seamless process with regards how to better carry out the activity by preventing mistakes or injury arising from the process, or the occasional  unwillingness of your dog to partake in grooming exercises when they are not used to the exercise from a young age.

Grooming your dog on a regular basis plays a vital role on the general well being of the dog. The inherent benefit of constant grooming includes:

Healthy lifestyle: Grooming involves a two-way process of promoting the health of both the dog and its owner. In the course of grooming, parasites such as tapeworms, ticks, fleas that can transmit diseases such as Lyme disease, Bartonellosis, etc may be identified thereby preventing the owner from contracting such diseases. To the dog, grooming helps in early detection of infections which when not treated early may complicate the treatment process and outcome. It helps to identify mats that may serve as breeding ground for fleas, ticks and skin irritation.

Promotes bonding: Grooming affords you a chance to spend quality time with your pet, brushing your pet has a calming effect on the pet and gets it more acquainted to you. Generally, effective grooming exercises help to forge a greater bond between you and your pet.

General cleanliness: Grooming is a sanitary process that helps to remove the unwanted products from your dog, typical examples include cleaning of hair around the sanitary areas which helps remove hairs that may be stuck with wastes and the fur dried up with urine leaving your pet fresh for longer periods. Grooming also reduces the extent of the amount of dander/hair to be shed inside the home through constant bathing and brushing which in turn brings out the natural hair in the dog’s fur which gives the coat a healthy sheen.

Enhance the dog’s appearance: Grooming leaves your dog with an attractive outlook as an unkept dog is normally frowned at, grooming ensures that your dog looks nice, and is subject to the attention of the individuals it may interact with it, affording it more opportunities to socialize.

Keeps the ears and the eyes healthy: Ear infections can cause unbearable odor from a dog’s skin, hence, grooming helps remove the deep hair inside your dog’s ear canal to avoid ear infections which are painful and expensive to treat. For the eyes, the existence of crust in the corner of a dog’s eyes makes for an uncomfortable existence for most dogs, with tears which cause unbearable odor causing inconvenience to the pet’s owner.

Ensure dog’s comfort: When your dog’s nails are not regularly trimmed, it may begin to cause the dog certain levels of discomfort with regards to its movement. This may lead to your dog resorting to walking on its paws.

Why a professional grooming session?

We have professional products that can be used to easily locate and prevent infections at a go.

We have the knowledge of a special way to groom your dog in accordance with the specific breed’s skin type requirements for trimming of pet’s hair.

Your pet will simply feel better- your beloved pet will feel so much better with his or her nails trimmed which makes its easier to walk, and ears cleaned, so they aren't itching them and don't get sick.

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